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Digital Wave Corporation, the originators of Modal Acoustic Emission (MAE), brings you the B225.5 IPP sensor.  With the sensitivity of a resonant transducer (nominal +73 dB [ref. 1V/µm] @ 150 kHz), and a flat frequency response from 50 – 400 kHz, the B225.5 IPP sensor is an ideal candidate for the MAE testing of relatively thick structures (e.g., thick walled high pressure vessels, A.O. Smith pressure vessels, thick laminated structures, etc.).  The B225.5 IPP sensor has a built in +20 dB pre-amplifier, that also has the ability to pulse the piezoelectric crystal facilitating an auto-sensor test that eliminates the need for the standard pencil lead break to verify sensor coupling.  The rare earth magnet incorporated into the B225.5 IPP design permits rapid and consistent sensor attachment to ferrous test structures.  Suitable applications for the B225.5 IPP sensor range from metallic fatigue test monitoring through Above Ground Storage Tank testing and more.

B-225.5 IPP MAE Transducer