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SCBA Composite Cylinder Mission Statement From the President

Updated: Jun 21, 2018

Digital Wave Corporation has a deep appreciation for First Responders and those who earn their living protecting the public. As taxpayers, we all want to see our money spent in the best way possible. So, when we were approached by the US Navy and civilian fire departments to see if they could save money by extending the life of SCBA composite cylinders, we said YES. That ‘yes’ resulted in the unprecedented granting of DOT SP 16320 by the US Department of Transportation, Pipeline and Hazardous Material Safety Administration (PHMSA) – the biggest savings in fire department history!

The response from entrenched stakeholders was to question the DOT decision to allow this savings and issue statements that modification of the cylinders’ label violated NIOSH regulations – not that the cylinder will rupture, not that the respirator will malfunction - only the paper pasted on the cylinder will cause it to fail. Digital Wave stepped up to this challenge and submitted an Emergency Special Permit Modification Request to address the label issue. DOT PHMSA, with over 5 years of research and over 400 cylinders tested, has the most extensive knowledge of extended life cylinders in the world. This knowledge provided the foundation for their approval of the request in October of 2017, solidifying their commitment to the safety of extended life cylinders. In the process, they provided regulation that would save First Responders millions of taxpayer dollars - $350 million, to be exact.

Small private companies that are not driven by Wall Street profit projections, such as Digital Wave, keep the market honest by developing new ‘disruptive’ inspection technologies. This ensures that the most cost-effective methods are developed and used to help defray costs. Government agencies provide an independent verification to guarantee that the public is not endangered. You can be assured by the issuance of DOT SP 16320 that these cylinders are as safe as the day they were first manufactured.

To date, Digital Wave Corporation maintains a position of willingness to incorporate all key stakeholders in its effort to safely life extend DOT–CFFC cylinders. First Responders make sacrifices on an everyday basis to support and keep safe the public. It is Digital Wave Corporation’s belief that profit comes in a distant second to the support and safety of our brave men and women in service.


Dr. Steven M. Ziola



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