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Hexagon Digital Wave Partners With 'Firefighters Without Borders' -Provides SCBA Cylinders Worldwide

Hexagon Digital Wave announces its partnership with 'Firefighters Without Borders'(FWB), an organization dedicated to helping fire departments around the world prepared and deal with the next emergency – big or small.

Ryan Pennock, National SCBA Sales Manager at Hexagon Digital Wave remarked, “This partnership was a no-brainer for us. FWB’s passion to help underfunded fire departments aligned very closely with ours. If we have the resources to help communities and fire departments from around the world prepare for the next emergency, then it's our duty to do so.”

Together Hexagon Digital Wave and Firefighters Without Borders will ship the very first LEx life extended SCBA cylinders to rural communities and Fire Departments throughout Colombia, South America.

“Providing sustainable solutions to complex problems is a value held in high regard by both FWB and Digital Wave Corporation.” says Dan Rowland, Equipment Committee Director of Firefighters Without Borders.

This exciting new partnership is all made possible by using Modal Acoustic Emission to life extend donated end of life SCBA cylinders. Much like seismology, Modal Acoustic Emission uses wave modes to infer the type of source to determine severity of triggered events. Analyzing wave modes collected through the LEx™ testing process gives real-time insight to the structural integrity of DOT-CFFC SCBA cylinders, which is the most accurate and safest testing method worldwide. This is the basis of the DOT Special Permit 16320 that allows life extension of end of life carbon fiber SCBA cylinders.

About Hexagon Digital Wave:

Formed in 1992 by president Dr. Michael Gorman, with a focus on designing acoustic emission equipment; specifically, it was a result of his research involving the relationship between source, material and the wave modes excited in typical engineered structures. These advancements have put Hexagon Digital Wave at the forefront of the acoustic emission industry. Primary MAE focus in recent times has been in the metallic and composite pressure vessel industries.


About Firefighters Without Borders :

Firefighters Without Borders believes in sustainability and we achieve that goal in several ways. As each project is specific to the needs of the community, we work closely with the team on the ground to build a strategic plan addressing the communities needs and goals, be it training, equipment or a mix of both. We ensure that all equipment donated for the project is safe and in good working order, and that they have the means to ensure it remains that way once we leave.


For more information:

Mark E. Anderson, Director Sales and Business Development, Hexagon Digital Wave Telephone: 303-790-7559 | marka@hexagongroup.com