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DOT-SP 14206 Hits Steel Tubes!

Updated: Aug 23, 2018

DOT -SP 14206 finds a new application - Steel Tube Trailer Requalification!!

With the introduction of Digital Wave's UE7 ultrasonic tube scanning machine, steel tube trailer tubes can now quickly be UE requalified. The UE7 ultrasonic examination machine sports the latest 5-head UE scanning bridge that allows tubes to be tested during a single pass down the sidewall of the tube. Steel tube requalification is permitted as part of DOT Special Permit 14206 granted to Digital Wave Corporation. This SP has recently been updated by the DOT to include steel tubes. Customers owning Digital Wave UE machines operate under Digital Wave Special Permits and Level III guidance.

The UE7 can handle tube diameters from 9 5/8 inches to over 22 inches in this single machine. This particular helium trailer sporting its new DOT SP-14206 number was spotted during a Digital Wave provided Level II training session in southern California this week. These particular steel tubes were recently cleaned, disassembled, UE requalified, rebuilt and beautifully repainted at the Western Sales and Testing facility in Amarillo, TX. Thank you again Western Sales and Testing for your UE7 machine purchase. This rig looks great!

For more information:

Mark E. Anderson, Director Sales and Marketing, Digital Wave Corporation

Telephone: 303-790-7559 | marka@digitalwavecorp.com

Dr. Brian Burks, VP Engineering, Digital Wave Corporation

Telephone: 303-790-7559 | brianb@digitalwavecorp.com

About Digital Wave Corporation:

Digital Wave Corporation is a privately held manufacturer of ultrasonic examination (UE) cylinder testing equipment, modal acoustic emission (MAE) testing equipment and a provider of associated inspection services. With applications worldwide, Digital Wave and its partners serve government and private clients in the compressed gas, pressure vessel and cylinder industries. Applications include all metallic and composite pressure vessels from low to ultra high pressure applications.