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Hexagon Digital Wave Receives Transport Canada EC for Composite Requalification

Updated: Jan 18, 2019

On November 23, 2018 Transport Canada issued Equivalency Certificate(EC) SU-12547 to Digital Wave Corporation. This ground breaking EC allows for the in situ requalification testing of Hexagon Lincoln, Inc composite tubes in Canada via modal acoustic emission(MAE) in lieu of hydrostatic requalification. This is of particular importance as it allows for tube trailers to be requalified without disassembly by utilizing MAE and pneumatic pressurization at the customer site. This is the first EC of its kind in Canada. Please see the below link for further reading:

Equivalency Certificate SU-12547

“Digital Wave has provided MAE requalification test services on CNG tube trailers in the United States over the past year. In the US this requalification technology is provided under DOT-SP 20396. We are excited to bring this cost saving technology to our customers in Canada. Within the next month an extensive requalification testing program starts in western Canada to requalify numerous CNG trailer modules,” said Steve Ziola, President of Digital Wave Corporation.

Digital Wave, located in Denver, Colorado, is a leading provider of MAE requalification and MAE life extension technologies used in composite pressure vessels. In addition they also provide for Ultrasonic Examination (UE) requalification machines that are used for testing metallic pressure vessels. Their primary focus is the study and development of cutting edge NDT applications for use in pressure vessel markets.

“The real benefit provided by this new Equivalency Certificate is that we have raised the safety bar in Canada. MAE provides information on the structural integrity of a composite tube that hydrostatic testing just cannot provide. In addition to safety, we can provide this test service at a customer site in just a few days. Typical down time for MAE requalification on a single Titan module is just 2 days at the customer site. Traditional hydrostatic testing of the same module requires over a week of down time to transport the module to a 3rd party test site, disassemble, hydro test, dry, reassemble and then transport back to the customer site.” adds Dr. Brian Burks, VP Engineering, Digital Wave Corporation. “This has been a long time in the works and we appreciate all the effort put forth by Transport Canada to understand this cutting edge MAE technology.”

With the expansion of natural gas, hydrogen and virtual pipeline applications throughout Canada, Digital Wave is in position to support this growing industry.

For more information:

Mark E. Anderson, Director Sales and Marketing, Digital Wave Corporation Telephone: 303-790-7559 | marka@digitalwavecorp.com

Dr. Brian Burks, VP Engineering, Digital Wave Corporation Telephone: 303-790-7559 | brianb@digitalwavecorp.com

About Digital Wave Corporation:

Digital Wave Corporation is a privately held manufacturer of ultrasonic examination (UE) cylinder testing equipment, modal acoustic emission (MAE) testing equipment and a provider of associated inspection services. With applications worldwide, Digital Wave and its partners serve government and private clients in the compressed gas, pressure vessel and cylinder industries. Applications include all metallic and composite pressure vessels from low to ultra high pressure applications.